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Cataracts is a triptych documenting a physical and metaphorical car crash.

The songs found here were recorded across three different bedrooms in the northern suburbs of Melbourne, Australia, during the winter of 2016. The songs were written and recorded by Caspar Conrick. Jarrod Cooper plays double bass, Kate Gorrie plays banjo and Nick Dudek plays electric guitar.
‘Last Drive’ was inspired by ‘Aside’ by The Weakerthans. ‘Cataracts’ was encouraged by IOB.

While divided into three seperate tracks, ‘Cataracts’ is designed to be listened to consecutively.

Part 1: Last Drive
Part 2: Cataracts or ‘Cold sweats, white knuckles’
Part 3: Last Thoughts or ‘Borders of night’


released November 29, 2016

Written and performed by Caspar Conrick
Mixed and mastered by William Zanzinger

Electric Guitar: Nick Dudek
Banjo: Kate Gorrie
Double Bass: Jarrod Cooper


all rights reserved



Vanderlay Melbourne, Australia

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Track Name: Last Drive
So I’ll just drive until I’m sober,
Until all of my thoughts align once over,
Until all of the lights stop blurring together.

Killed by the shrug of a shoulder
and all of my attempts to keep it together.
With every lifeless limb strung up from the heavens I’ll decide
if there’s nothing here that I can’t leave behind

And my throat’s still tight from the tension
Cornered by the words we both fail to mention
and all our silent assaults, god forbid that we draw attention.
Feels like the first time round again

So maybe in the morning they’ll find me.
My body thrown clear of all that’s behind me.
A smouldering stack of steel glistens in the sun as it rises
Feels like the first time round again…
Track Name: Cataracts
It felt like a nose dive with tears in my eyes
After a hard right caught me by surprise.
I think of your cold stare as I left the house
I guess I wrote my will on this road when I opened my mouth

Cold meat on the concrete for all that I knew,
Let the autopsy show I was troubled but true.
And now there’s a white light taking root in my eyes
As a loosely bound novel of daydreams and drug trips conspire

To remove any meaning
To pull at the threads of the life I’d been weaving
And wait for me to beg for a lie worth believing.

Still through all this I had hoped to see
A flash of the life I was destined to lead
But it wasn’t to be.

Was to be a short breath, the last that I drew,
To contrast a slow death coming quick into view.
So I’m closing my mind off, if just for a while
Until the darkness lifts or this feeling retires.
Track Name: Last Thoughts
So the borders of night start to close.
I must admit my expectations have all been far from overwhelmed.
So do I leave with so much unresolved?
I don’t know

And the borders of night start to give.
And I can’t evade the feeling that I have somehow been mislead.
Is this how it is, to finally give in?
I don’t know.

And does this all fold back to where we begin?
I don't know.

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