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Cloverfield documents an endless walk home.

The three songs found here were recorded in Melbourne, Australia across three days in May 2014. The songs were written and performed by Caspar Conrick.
'Last Flight' cites 'Boys of Summer' by Don Henley.

While divided into three seperate tracks, 'Cloverfield' is designed to be listened to consecutively.

Part 1: Cloverfield
Part 2: Last Flight or ‘Maybe it’s time to call it a night’
Part 3: Last Words or ‘You’ll look so peaceful with tar in your lungs’


released May 28, 2014

Written and performed by Caspar Conrick
Mixed and mastered by Ben Coe


all rights reserved



Vanderlay Melbourne, Australia

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Track Name: Cloverfield
You were always right,
About the warnings,
That came through to me in the night,
That would herald the start of your mourning.

Down by the Cloverfield,
I was waiting for the signal to yield.

And so you walk home,
On past the circus,
And the lights, well they’re still on,
But the silence is making you nervous.
Track Name: Last Flight
Last I heard, she was pinning teabags on the wall.
Last I heard, she hadn’t felt like this before.
And in the summer sun, she’s bound to wither away,
And when the damage is done she’ll be left with the price to pay.

Last I heard, she was waiting tables by The Falls.
Collecting her tips, and saving up for another trip to Montreal.
But soon the summer boys, will come to whisk her away,
They’ll dismantle her youth and she’ll be left with the price to pay.

And you told me that you were disgusted by your own desire.
And that if you'd had the chance to dance you would have thrown yourself onto the fire.
What happened to the girl I admired?

Last I heard, she was lighting candles in the hall,
Striking a match, creating a shrine to the girl that she was before.
But soon the summer winds are bound to blow her around,
And as her chances thin, she will cling to any sin to keep her feet on the ground.

Now I’m told that she’s sending postcards to herself,
Waiting by the mailbox, she’d be distraught to find a thought there from somebody else.
But soon the summer boys are bound to drop her a line,
And from their dead-end jobs, they will recount the sun drenched days of their prime.
Track Name: Last Words
One day you’ll drink to my health,
And wish me a life full of joy and of wealth,
But until then, you will peel off my skin,
And with your eyes you’ll tear me limb from limb.

One day you will blow out the cake,
And wish for me to forgive all your mistakes,
But until then, you’ll dream of a wind,
That will blow this hot wax and bake it to my skin.

And one day you’ll breathe your last words,
And my ears will be there, to make sure they’re heard,
But until then, in separate beds,
We’ll both lie awake and we’ll dream of the end.

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